International Women's Day - Rodgers Townsend Women

On International Women’s Day, We Dare

One year ago, in honor of International Women’s Day, we turned our attention to the smart and successful women of our own executive team, asking them what advice they’d offer to their 22-year-old selves. We learned about finding “your people,” asking smart questions and investing money in a good “forever bag.”

This year, we turn the mic to the young women of RT, those starting and building the foundations of promising careers. The ones on the receiving end of our female leaders’ wisdom. And we asked them, in the spirit of our Dare + Delight mantra, “What’s your dare to yourself?” At RT, we think of dares as a challenge to be bold and unexpected, while remaining true to your DNA.


Know my worth, then always add tax. And remember that her success does not threaten my own.

– Molly Burns, Account Executive


Remember the generations of struggle that allowed a colored woman to be in a role like mine. And remember that the struggle still isn’t over.

– Surai Dohm, Digital Production Artist


Gut-check yourself before someone else does. And never be afraid of what you need to say.

– Erin Holcomb, Copywriter


Silence my doubts with loud conviction of everything I’m capable of doing.

– Lauren Giwa-Amu, Assistant Account Executive


Live your life unafraid and unashamed of your ambitions.

–  Angela Bode, Art Director


Refuse a numb existence.

– Bronwyn Ritchie, Digital Strategist


Remember that you’re always smart enough to be in the room, and then prove it.

– Ellen Readhead, Strategist


To be inherently, unabashedly and relentlessly female. Because it makes me better at what I do.

– Emily Daab, Copywriter


Turn fear into action. Know what you want, then don’t be afraid to take it.

– Keely Duda, Account Supervisor