Let kids be kids

Research shows that children learn and develop basic life skills, fine motor skills, and the ability and willingness to adapt through play-based learning. It also shows that kids today aren’t getting nearly enough opportunities to do it. 

Between school, homework and a bevy of extracurricular activities, their schedules have become as structured and regimented as their parents, leaving little time for hands-on exploratory free-play.

So, the strategy was simple – remind everyone that play is purposeful, and that kids need time to just be kids.

Magic House

TV / Digital Video / Radio / Out-of-Home


Kids learn in all kinds of ways. So, no matter what’s on their schedule, don’t let them forget to remember to play.

  • The Magic House: Remember to Play, campaign by Rodgers Townsend

The work behind the play

The Magic House saw a 3% increase in visitors over the previous year during the time the campaign was in market, leading to the second-highest attendance in their nearly 40-year history. The work also drew the national spotlight, winning a National ADDY award from the American Advertising Federation.