Music for all

Pianos for People is a St. Louis-area nonprofit that finds, repairs, then gifts pianos along with free lessons to those who don’t have access to either. To increase awareness of the .org and better compete for heartshare amongst likely benefactors, the campaign introduced the nonprofit and its mission to whole new audiences of passionate supporters.

PFP recently celebrated the delivery of its 200th piano to a loving home, saw its star pupil receive a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music and opened doors to a 2nd lesson facility in Ferguson, MO.

Pianos for People

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Wood and Wire

Shot on 16mm film, we follow one of Pianos for People’s prized students against the backdrop of St. Louis’ inner city. Along the way, we feel the gritty realism of urban decay give way to the resilience and hope that only music can provide.

Thank you Notes

A microsite for donors illustrating the impact they’re making on the lives of PFP’s students, and to serve as an ongoing donor portal going forward. In the voices of the very children who benefit from the free pianos and lessons, their ‘Thank Yous’ can be easily shared through social.


Posters released the night of PFP’s annual ‘Evening of 100 Fingers’ fundraising concert. With lyrical power and simplicity, they targeted donors who believed in the emotional, transformative power of music—hope that’s worth fighting for.