Reversing Decades of Reputation

Everclear is a high-proof neutral spirit that, for most, is synonymous with trashcans full of punch and college regret. Oddly enough, the very characteristics that garnered its reputation are precisely why it also appeals to mixologists. Its high-proof and neutral flavor make it the perfect base for homemade infusions and bitters.

Everclear wanted to distance itself from its unsavory reputation and appeal to a new market – the home mixologists. So we created Make It Your Own, a campaign elevating the brand from trashcan punch to craft cocktails, and never looking back.




Website / Social Media / Point-of-Sale

Website serves as the hub of the campaign, replete with recipes and home mixology resources.


Recipes curated from top mixologists and accentuated by rich photography invite product trial.


Social posts drove to the site and created a growing following by featuring recipes and tips on Facebook.


To keep up with an ever-expanding site while staying within budget, all photography was shot and edited in-house.


Seasonal recipes offered the opportunity to create the first-ever point-of-sale for a brand that’s grown accustomed to being hidden on store shelves.